Giza 93 - the actual world's finest Cotton - is a perfect cross between Giza 77 (the same source of Giza 87) and PS6. Proudly obtained by Egyptian researchers of the Agricultural Ministry, and commercially introduced in 2013, it is the latest result of years of research and devotion regarding Extra Fine & Extra Long Staple category, presenting a very high level of quality,  in fiber properties, spinning potential and performance.

The fibers of Giza 93 are extremely long (37 mmcompared with the other ELS Cotton varieties.

It has a uniformity index of 89.9% and the fineness of its fibers measures in micronaire around 2.9.

The fibers strenght of Giza 93 is one of the highest in the world, with an average of 48.3 g/tex. 

Because of its fibers fineness and length, this Cotton special variety, shows an incredible softness quality like cashmere & silk.